About Master Sounds & Why We Do What We Do!

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Being our 1st blog entry, we wanted to share what it is we do and, most importantly, WHY!

The journey of beginning Master Sounds Entertainment all started when my wife and I got married back in 2010. Being the natural decorator and planner she is, my wife took care of many of the details and decor of the wedding. She asked me to take care of one thing- the DJ. I began my search, asking family and friends for recommendations. We met with several DJ’s and, based on availability and price, chose the DJ that fit the bill.

During the planning stages leading up to the wedding, there were many red flags we should have noticed. But with this being the only time I had planned a wedding, I was naive and figured it was normal.

This situation was anything but normal.

I provided the music playlists (on CD’s, remember those?), created the timeline and gave him all the things we wanted him to say.

In hindsight, we did his job for him. All he had to do was show up, play the music, say what we wrote and we would be happy.

Unfortunately, none of the happened. With doing all the work for him, there was no investment on his part and in return, he provided minimal service in return for his pay.

In fact, he left the one and only CD (I provided him with) for our ceremony music at his home, preferred not to speak on the microphone (Thank the Lord our pastor was willing to step up), cut our guests in line for food and drinks and played 4 Britney Spears songs in a row. (Nothing wrong with Britney- just not what we wanted!)

Why do I say all this? Why bring up how bad some DJ’s can be WHILE promoting our business?

Simple. We experienced something NO couple should on their wedding day & in the meantime, understood the value of hiring an experienced DJ that values the desires of a couple on the biggest day of their lives!

Master Sounds Entertainment- formed shortly after this experience, has made it our #1 GOAL to make sure your wedding experience is a positive one!

If you are in need of a DJ, or know anyone that is, connect with us and we can help!

-Master Sounds

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